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Site: SearchEngines.net (I run this site!)
Capsule Review: Many search engines offer code that you can cut and paste into your own site to enable visitors to search those engines. SearchEngines.net rounds up many of these search engine forms into one easy-to-find directory.
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Site: Search Engine Watch
Capsule Review: The ultimate search engine resource, Search Engine Watch offers information on all the major search engines, including how to get listed well, when and how often search engine spiders visit, what each search engine's reach is at any particular time and much more. A subscriber-only area is well worth the small subscription fee as it is packed with bonus reports and information. Highly Recommended!
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Site: Goto.com's suggestion box
Capsule Review: Goto.com has very generously decided to share search information with the Web community. Enter any search term or phrase into the box and see exactly how many searches were carried out on Goto.com for that search expression last month. Since Goto.com serves several million visitors a month, it gives you a good idea of what people are searching for, and hence helps you to pick your keywords and META tags. Highly Recommended!
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Site: Goto.com
Capsule Review: Goto.com sells search engine positions. Now you don't need to leave your position to chance or to a lucky combination of keywords. Instead, you can bid on search terms and specify how many cents you are willing to pay for each visitor. Depending on the terms you choose, Goto.com can be one of THE most cost-effective way of driving traffic to a site.
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