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Site: WebPosition
Capsule Review: A must-have tool, and one which I use several times a week for all my sites! WebPosition is THE king of search engine rank checking tools and services. The free version gives you access to 3 main search engines. The registered version unlocks all the other search engines. You can search for your site under half a dozen or so keywords in one operation, and see where it ranks compared to competing sites, what the keywords are, and possibly the most useful feature of all: how your rank has changed since the last time you ran the program. WebPosition can archive many days of results, and you can watch the evolution of your site's position and easily track the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of your site promotion efforts.  Highly Recommended!
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Site: PositionAgent
Capsule Review: This site offers a quick way to check your rank across all the major search engines. The free version gives you your position for a single URL under a single set of keywords only. Various paid options are available with enhanced information.
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Site: RankThis
Capsule Review: You can check your search engine rank on any one of the ten largest search engines via this site. You will be told if your site appears anywhere in the Top 200 listings, and you will also be able to see the Top 10 results for your keyword search. You have to run each search separately. There is also a relatively quiet Discussion Board, which seems mainly devoted to slanging matches between opposing groups of "regular" posters.
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