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Site: BudgetWeb.com
Capsule Review: A great place to begin your search for a good-value hosting service. BudgetWeb.com offers a fully searchable database of hundreds of hosting services under $50 a month. You can specify dozens of criteria to select and exclude services.
Highly Recommended!
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Site: Hiway Technologies
Capsule Review: One of the largest web hosting companies (in terms of number of client accounts) and now a part of Verio, Hiway offers good reliable hosting at a solid price. $50 a month gets you a site with a domain name, detailed daily stats, access to your own CGI-BIN directory and 2.5GB of monthly data transfer. I have hosted my igoldrush.com site with Hiway for over 18 months, with only a few hours downtime during that period.
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Site: IperWeb
Capsule Review: A good no-frills hosting service that is one of the cheapest I have found. I have hosted several sites with this organization. $120 a year gets you a site at www.yourdomain.com as well as access to basic CGI scripts, 50MB of storage space and 2.5GB of bandwidth per month. The downside: very basic weekly stats, and relatively slow DNS resolution. Still, if you are looking to get started for the smallest possible outlay, IperWeb should be on your shortlist.
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