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Site: TheCounter.com
Capsule Review: Excellent free counter (hidden or graphical) that can give you all kinds of information about your site's visitors, such as what kind of browser they are using or what screen resolution their PC is set to. Requires JavaScript to get the full information on a site visitor.
Highly Recommended!
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Site: HitBox
Capsule Review: The nearest substitute I know of to having access to your own stats record, HitBox provides an incredible wealth of information about your site's visitors, from the URLs they came from to the number of unique visitors over a day, week, month or year. The button you need to place on your site, while slightly large, is relatively attractive and will not look out of place on most sites. Highly Recommended!
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Site: WebTrends
Capsule Review: WebTrends offers a series of software packages for analysing your site's log files. Some packages run on a server, others require you to download your logs to your local PC before they are analysed. WebTrends is very well regarded, and rightly so -- the depth of information it can provide is enormous. One downside is that, for large sites, the log files quickly swell to many tens of megabytes, making analysis using an offline version of WebTrends a painful exercise. WebTrends products are available for a free trial period, after which they must be registered.
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