Track Down & Fix Broken Links

The transient nature of the Web makes the problem of broken links a day to day occurrence. Sites that have been around for years suddenly disappear into the virtual sunset, and other sites can be even more insubstantial.

You need to get on top of the situation, and sort out any broken links on your site before they become too unmanageable. Luckily, there are a large number of tools and services to help you in this task.

If you prefer to work directly off the Web, and your site has 25 links or less, head over to the WebSite Garage, where you can enter your site's URL and get a free check of your links. This check is very, very FAST.

Continuing the greasy overall theme, NetMechanic has a free link checker that can handle hundreds of links, though it is much slower than the other online checker mentioned above. I suggest that you always choose to run jobs in background mode, and submit your email address to receive the results. That way, you don't have to stay online for hours watching your links getting checked one by one.

If you prefer to use software to check your links, I recommend the excellent InfoLink Link Checker Program. It comes in two flavours: Freeware and "real". The Freeware version will be enough for many sites; the paid version will let you run the program a very generous _50_ times before it shuts down. Either way, there's no excuse any more for broken links.

Handy Hint : Tracking Down Broken Graphic Links!

Now here's a strange situation: your site looks perfect on your computer... but some of your graphics won't load for anyone else! Are your graphics playing favourites?

In a sense, yes! What is most likely happening is that your page contains links to the graphics ON YOUR HARD DISK. So naturally the page looks great on your computer!

There's an incredibly simply way to check for this problem, yet many people never go to the bother. Don't be apathetic like them... instead, just look at your site from ANY other computer. Doesn't matter which one, any computer other than the one your site was designed on will do.

If you don't see any broken graphics on your machine, but you do when you recheck your site on a different one then BINGO! you must be trying to load your graphics from your hard disk...

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