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Site: Gif Construction Set
Capsule Review: A very useful tool for building animated GIF files. The animation wizard lets you pick the frames making up your banner, and then specify a unique time delay between each frame. Gif Construction Set also has built-in tools for optimizing graphics by reducing the number of colours, and by snipping repeating elements that do not change in the case of animated GIFs. Sorry Mac fans, this one's available on PC only.  Highly Recommended!
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Site: GifBot
Capsule Review: Part of the NetMechanic suite of free online site tuning and checking utilities, GifBot enables you to very quickly compress any GIF or JPEG graphic. Just enter the URL of the graphic you want to shrink, and GifBot presents you with around a dozen results, depending on the options you chose. You will see all the different graphics on one page, together with the original file. That way, you can easily check if the quality has been compromised by the compression process. There is also an at-a-glance indication of how much has been saved, in bytes and in %. Highly Recommended!
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