Learning the Basics of HTML

So you've built your web site, or had a site built for you. Now you want to learn more, improve your style... Or perhaps you are on the outside looking in, wondering what all this HTML stuff is about. Teaching you to code in HTML is outside the scope of this course, but I am delighted to point you in the direction of some excellent sites that can help you to learn more...

(B = Basic, I = Intermediate, A = Advanced)

D.J. Quad's Ultimate HTML Site has something for everyone, from a guide to every HTML code to detailed information about how to create good-looking tables and which HTML editors to choose. B I

The Web Developers Virtual Library is a truly fabulous resource for anyone serious about building web sites. Its range and breadth of topics is virtually unmatched anywhere else on the Internet! From Java to CGI, introductory HTML coding for absolute beginners to super-advanced database integration, this site has everything. B I A

CNET's BUILDER.COM is an excellent site filled with advanced techniques, although it has some simpler tutorials as well. Here you'll find a wealth of articles on topics as diverse as adding video to your site, speeding up your site's loading time and making your site appear the same to users of Navigator and Explorer. I A

Wired's WebMonkey is a resource aimed at people who are already familiar with the basics of HTML. It contains dozens of in-depth features, each of which concentrates on a specific aspect of site design. Highly readable and entertaining, although the site's Wired style may put some people off. I A

I hope you will find these resources useful in your quest for perfection!

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